Weekly Photo News – Friday 17 September

10/10/10 A Most Auspicious Day
On 10 October 2010, take a photo (analogue, digital — whatever your pleasure) at a time that's convenient for you. There's no specific theme, direction or time requirement. When you're ready, share your photo in the tententen Flickr group. For more details…

Brighton Photo Biennial 2010
For its fourth edition, Brighton Photo Biennial 2010 will present New Documents, curated by the internationally renowned photographer, editor and curator Martin Parr. The Biennial Opening Weekend begins on Friday 1 through to Sunday 3 October, comprising a full and exciting programme of conversations, talks and panel events offering festival visitors the change to meet many of the invited international artists, to discuss and debate ideas shaping current photographic practice…

Eight Fast Tips for Better Glamour Photographs
Many photographers are intrigued at the prospect of creating glamour photographs but may feel that a lack of “proper” equipment makes this goal unattainable. Nothing is farther from the truth. Joe Farace's No Frills approach to glamour photography doesn’t require a studio and, as Wilford Brimley might have said, “You don’t even need any fancy studio lighting equipment.” All that’s really necessary to produce professional quality glamour images is a camera with interchangeable lenses, a few simple photographic accessories, such as reflector and speedlight, and models that are willing to pose for you…


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